TS-7250-V3 LCD Header

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The LCD header is a 0.1" pitch 2x7 header including GPIO. This is designed around compatibility with the HD44780 LCD controller which includes our LCD-LED. The LCD Data pins (7-14) are 5V tolerant. These will output up to 3.3V, and the remaining control IO and PWM are 3.3V tolerant.

Signals Pin Layout
Pin Signal
1 5V
3 LCD_RS GPIO Bank 2 IO 21
4 LCD_BIAS PWM0 / GPIO Bank 2 IO 24 [1]
5 LCD_EN GPIO Bank 5 IO 20
6 LCD_WR GPIO Bank 5 IO 19
7 LCD D1 GPIO Bank 2 IO 9
8 LCD D0 GPIO Bank 5 IO 10
9 LCD D3 GPIO Bank 5 IO 11
10 LCD D2 GPIO Bank 5 IO 12
11 LCD D5 GPIO Bank 5 IO 15
12 LCD D4 GPIO Bank 5 IO 16
13 LCD_D7 GPIO Bank 5 IO 17
14 LCD_D6 GPIO Bank 5 IO 18

TS-7250-V3-LCD Header.svg

  1. This pin is used to dynamically adjust contract on the LCD. This may need to be tuned depending on the environment or altitude where the display is used.

The TS-7250-V3 Debian images include a command lcdmesg. This can be used to write to our LCD-LED display.

For example, this would write to the display:

lcdmesg "line 1" "line 2"
# Messages can also be piped to lcdmesg:
echo -e "line 1\nline 2\n" | lcdmesg

For example, running:

lcdmesg Technologic Systems

will display:

LCD LED example.jpg