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The TS-8150 supports 21 bits of PC/104 addressing with the standard 8-bit data as well as our 16-bit data implementation inside the single 104 pin header. Most of the Technologic Systems' simple I/O based PC/104 devices, in either 8 or 16 bit modes, are supported on this platform. Third party 16-bit devices will not be properly supported. But many simple 8-bit PC/104 devices will work without issue.

The PC/104 address space overlays on top of the whole MUXBUS address space. Because of this, addresses 0x00-0xFF are reserved for accessing the PLD. See the table below:

MUXBUS Address Range Function
0x0000-0x00FF TS-8150 register access[1]
0x0100-0x7FFF PC/104 bus space[2]
  1. 16-bit only
  2. Only issues a PC/104 bus cycle if the address falls in this range

Note that the MUXBUS address space is 15-bit wide (32 KiB) while the TS-8150 PC/104 offers 21 bits of address. Physical PC/104 address bits 20:15 are repeated bits 13:8 of the requested address. The lower 15-bits of address are put on the bus as requested.