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ts7500ctl is a utility to control various aspects of the board not covered by other standard linux utilities.

The sources are available here: https://files.embeddedTS.com/ts-arm-sbc/ts-7500-linux/sources/ts7500ctl.c



# ts7500ctl --help
Usage: ts7500ctl [OPTION] ...
Technologic Systems SBUS manipulation.

General options:
  -a, --address=ADR       SBUS address
  -r, --peek16            16-bit SBUS read
  -w, --poke16=VAL        16-bit SBUS write
  -g, --getmac            Display ethernet MAC address
  -s, --setmac=MAC        Set ethernet MAC address
  -R, --reboot            Reboot the board
  -t, --getrtc            Display RTC time/date
  -S, --setrtc            Set RTC time/date from system time
  -i, --info              Display board FPGA info
  -e, --greenledon        Turn green LED on
  -b, --greenledoff       Turn green LED off
  -c, --redledon          Turn red LED on
  -d, --redledoff         Turn red LED off
  -D, --setdio=LVAL       Set DIO output to LVAL
  -O, --setdiodir=LVAL    Set DIO direction to LVAL (1 - output)
  -G, --getdio            Get DIO input
  -Z, --getdioreg         Get DIO direction and output register values
  -x, --random            Get 16-bit hardware random number
  -W, --watchdog          Daemonize and set up /dev/watchdog
  -A, --autofeed=SETTING  Daemonize and auto feed watchdog
  -n, --setrng            Seed the kernel random number generator
  -X, --resetswitchon     Enable reset switch
  -Y, --resetswitchoff    Disable reset switch
  -I, --extendedtempon    Enable extended temp (200Mhz CPU)
  -C, --extendedtempoff   Disable extended temp (250Mhz CPU)
  -l, --loadfpga=FILE     Load FPGA bitstream from FILE
  -h, --help              This help