EP9302 Redboot Load Kernel

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RedBoot can load a kernel or executable via the serial console, a tftp server, http server, or directly from flash. The Linux kernel must be loaded into memory address 0x00218000.


Loading the kernel from flash is done automatically by RedBoot in the default script with the following command:

fis load vmlinux


Prior to loading a new kernel into RebBoot using HTTP, make sure you have configured RedBoot with a network configuration that can reach the network. You may use the RedBoot "fconfig" command to set network parameters. Get to the RedBoot prompt by hitting Ctrl+C key immediately after power on and type the following command:

load -v -r -b 0x00218000 -m http -h <http sever IP> <kernel name>

For example:

load -v -r -b 0x00218000 -m http -h /ftp/ts7kv/vmlinuxts7200ts9.bin


To load a kernel from a simple TFTP server, the following command is needed:

load -r -b 0x00218000 -h <tftp server IP> <kernel name>

For example:

load –b 0x00218000 –h vmlinux

Executing a loaded kernel

Now that a kernel has been loaded into memory, it can be executed. This is accomplished with the following command:

exec -c "<kernel parameters>"

For example:

exec -c "console=ttyAM0,115200 ip=dhcp root=/dev/mtdblock1"

The “exec” command executes the loaded kernel image, passing to the kernel the arguments specified via the “-c” switch. In the previous example, kernel messages are sent out on the first serial port (note that ttyAM0 is used instead of the familiar ttyS0) at 115200 baud and the root file-system is on the first mtdblock of the flash chip.

On the TS-7200 model, to load the root file system from the Compact Flash card, the following command should be used instead:

exec -c "console=ttyAM0,115200 ip=dhcp root=/dev/hda1"

To load from an NFS root:

exec -c "console=ttyAM0,115200 ip=dhcp nfsroot=<IP of NFS server>:</path/to/NFSROOT>"