TS-4900 baseboard ID

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All of our off the shelf baseboards contain a hard-wired 8-input multiplexer to indicate the baseboard model. This is not required to implement in custom baseboards, but it can be useful to identify the board model in software. The baseboard model is determined in the bootloader and the proper device tree is selected for the respective baseboard. For the TS-TPC-8390-4900 with a quad core cpu, this would load imx6q-ts4900-2.dtb. A solo TS-4900 on a TS-TPC-8950 woudl be imx6dl-ts4900-14.dtb. In u-boot the device tree ids are specified in hex, so 0x14 will match device tree 20. If a board does not have a specific device tree, it will fall back to the TS-8550 device tree which is imx6{q,dl}-ts4900.dtb. The TS-8550 itself does not have a device tree at imx6{q,dl}-ts4900-13.dtb.

4 DIO pins are used to obtain the baseboard model ID. The red LED (CN2_06), green LED (CN2_08), BUS_DIR (CN1_98), and BD_ID_DATA (CN1_83) are used for this purpose. All of these IO pins can be used normally outside of acquiring the ID number.

The 6 least significant input pins (Y0 - Y5) are used to define the baseboard model. The upper two inputs (Y6 and Y7) define board revision.

For custom baseboards we have reserved the address 42 which will never be used by our standard products.

TS-8160 baseboard ID resulting in ID 6, rev 0.
TS-Baseboard IDs
ID Baseboard
0 TS-8200
1 Reserved, do not use
2 TS-TPC-8390
4 TS-8500
5 TS-8400
6 TS-8160
7 TS-8100
8 TS-8820-BOX
9 TS-8150
10 TS-TPC-8900
11 TS-8290
13 TS-8700
14 TS-8280
15 TS-8380
16 TS-AN20
17 TS-TPC-8920
19 TS-8550
20 TS-TPC-8950
22 TS-8551
42 Reserved for customer use, never used by us
255 TS-8200