TS-7970 Onboard SPI Flash

From embeddedTS Manuals

This board includes 8 MiB of SPI flash using a Micron N25Q064A13ESE40F. The CPU uses this for the initial boot to load u-boot, as well as the u-boot environment. In Linux this is accessed with the /dev/mtdblock devices.

Bytes Size Description
0x000000-0x0003FF 1 KB Unused
0x000400-0x0FFFFF 0.999 MiB U-Boot
0x100000-0x101FFF 8 KiB U-Boot environment #1
0x102000-0x17FFFF 504 KiB Unused
0x180000-0x181FFF 8 KiB U-Boot environment #2
0x182000-0x1FFFFF 504 KiB Unused
0x200000-0x700000 5 MiB Unused