TS-7970 PCB Changelog

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Revision Changes
  • Initial Release
  • Changed U17 to support the MPU-9250 9 axis accelerometer
  • Changes TVS1 to use 4.7V_A
  • Fix I210 ethernet LED polarity
  • Use 153-ball eMMC to support bigger eMMCs on custom builds
  • Added PU from 5V_A to SW_5V. This prevents a negative leakage on the the SW_5V rail. If the rail has a negative voltage it will otherwise not switch on.
  • CPU pin U4 tied to ground. Used to detect REV B boards.
  • Not released
  • Changed PHY to Marvell 88E1512 due to published Microchip errata #9-10 which affects link reliability with some link partners.
Note: This change should be transparent in Linux from older kernels, but if link problems are seen from older images make sure the Marvell PHY driver is actually disabled as it does not configure this PHY correctly. The genphy driver will communicate correctly with this PHY. Earlier shipping images had this enabled, but current images keep this driver disabled
  • Changed to a larger Ethernet Magjack with separate centertaps as required by the PHY manufacturer.
  • CPU pin C13 tied to ground. Used to detect REV D boards.
  • Added two lane MIPI connector (CN1)
  • Changed to smaller battery holder
  • Pull USB_5V_DETECT on silabs low when CON_EN jumper is off. This fixes the bug on previous revisions which would cause the board to fail to boot when CON_EN is off and USB is connected on the P2 port before the TS-7970 is powered on.
  • Added PUSH_SW# to HD1 which allows a pin to wake the board out of sleep.
  • Changed pin 28 to Enable 2.5V REF to reduce power in silabs sleep mode
  • Improvements for our internal production
  • Minor changes for internal production.
  • H6 biased low to detect new rev
  • LSR TIWI-BLE Replaced with Silex SX-SDMAC2832S+