TS-7970 Terminal Blocks

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The TS-7970 includes two removable terminal blocks (OSTTJ0811030) for power, UARTs, CAN, and other general purpose IO.

TS-7970 terminal block connectors.png

TS-7970 Terminal Blocks.png
Pin # Description
1 Ground
2 STC_485+ (/dev/ttyMAX0)
3 STC_485- (/dev/ttyMAX0)
4 STC_CAN_2_H (can1 interface)
5 STC_CAN_2_L (can1 interface)
6 Power Input (8-28VDC)
7 Power Input (5VDC)
8 Ground [1]
Pin # Description
1 Ground
2 AD_P10 (4-20mA analog input)
3 AD_P11 (4-20mA analog input)
4 AD_P12 (4-20mA analog input)
5 DIO_1 (30 VDC I/O)[2]
6 DIO_2 (30 VDC I/O)[2]
7 RS-232_STC_TXD (/dev/ttymxc4)
8 RS-232_STC_RXD (/dev/ttymxc4)
  1. This ground should be used for the power supply since it includes a ferrite bead to help suppress noise.
  2. 2.0 2.1 See DIO Usage below for operational details of these I/O pins

DIO Usage

The DIO_1 and DIO_2 IO can be outputs, or inputs. As inputs the digital threshold is 1.2V. To guarantee low it must be < 0.5V, or for high > 2.0V. When the IO is low the external device needs to sink up to 3.5mA. When the IO is high the external device needs to source 10 uA max. There is an internal 1.5k pullup to 5V that will bias the input high. As outputs these IO can sink up to 500mA.

EN_DIO_1 and EN_DIO_2 outputs are controlled through FPGA DIO 249 and 250 respectively. See the #GPIO section for more information. If these pins are specified as low or in, then they are readable on FPGA reg 56 bits 7:6.

DIO_1 and DIO_2 are accessed through FPGA registers.

tshwctl --addr 56 --peek

# read "addr56" into bash variable
eval $(tshwctl --addr 56 --peek)

# Read bit 7 for DIO1
echo $(($addr56 >> 7))

# Read bit 6 for DIO2
echo $((($addr56 >> 6) & 0x1))