TS-7970 U-boot changelog

From embeddedTS Manuals
  • Added TS-7970 support
  • Added fix for PCIe hang in Linux. Some of the GPR1 regs were not being reset after a reboot. U-boot will now reset these before going into Linux. This hang was not present on all CPUs, usually solo, and only if PCIe is enabled in the kernel.
  • TS-7970 now has a POR on every reboot
  • TS-7970 can reload the FPGA from a /boot/ts7970.vme file
  • PUSH_SW is now read through i2c to free up FPGA_IRQ_1
  • Updated to imx_v2015.04_3.14.52_1.1.0_ga branch
  • Updated DDR config to latest NXP recommendations
  • Includes new thermal driver. If the CPU has overheated and rebooted it will wait in u-boot until the system cools down to the temperature specified in the thermal fuses. These are adjustable one time in software.
  • Disabled NFS umountall
  • Added tsmicroctl command to read adc values, or start the sleep mode for the board. Requires a silabs from May 27th 2016 or later to include the sleep mode.
  • Added FPGA_RESET# through a signal rather than a FPGA POR. Requires FPGA REV 5 for FPGA reset to work correctly.
WARNING: Do not update past this u-boot without having REV 5 of the FPGA or the FPGA will not be reset on startup.
  • Added suggested fixes for Micrel PHY errata.
  • Added FPGA and Silabs revision to startup output.
  • Added REV D support
  • Added Marvell PHY support
  • Allow solo to boot at 85C instead of 80C, quad is still 80C.
  • Added check for 64bit ext4 filesystem.
  • Changed string to indicate REV D/E for new boards.
  • Added I2C recovery improvements for fixing stuck bus
  • Add support for SST26VF064BA, and IS25LP064A spi flashes
  • Reduced USB block size to 256B to improve compatibility with USB thumbdrives.
  • Added support for the new TS-7970 revisions