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This rugged metal enclosure is made to house Technologic Systems Single Board Computers in the most hostile environments, protecting the internal electronics and increasing the general system reliability. In addition, it makes board utilization easier by bringing out a regulated power supply and computer's I/O interfaces through standard connectors.

The TS-ENC750 is a Hammond enclosure that houses the TS-7500 or TS-7550 and the TS-752 interface board. (included) The TS-752 demonstrates the flexibility of a Technologic Systems SoM by connecting its FPGA driven IO pins to relays, buffered digital inputs, buffered digital outputs, and RS-485 drivers. It also provides an RS-232 driver for the serial console. A TS-ENC750 with a TS-7500 or TS-7550 can provide a complete solution for many embedded applications. The system can be powered by:

A regulated 5V through a screw terminal A USB device cable Power over Ethernet The end cap for the Hammond enclosure brings out the following:

  • Ethernet (POE ready)
  • Dual USB slave
  • USB device
  • DB9 with 2 RS-232 and 1 RS-485
  • Screw terminals for 3 relays
  • Screw terminals for 8 digital inputs
  • Screw terminals for 3 digital outputs
  • Two LEDs
  • The 8 dry contact digital inputs are rated for up to 24V.