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1 Overview

The TS-RF2-Aero provides a UART connecti over PC104 to the AeroComm/Laird AC4790 RF device.

2 Driver

The driver is available here. You can install the module to your kernel module directory (usually /lib/modules/<kernel version>) and use modprobe, or run 'insmod ts-rf2.ko' with the absolute path of the module. If you receive a message that the symbols are invalid, you will have to compile that module with your kernel sources. The sources are available in the same directory as the binaries.

Once loaded, a new TS-UART device file will appear in /dev. The exact name of this file will depend on the the number of TS-UARTs already loaded on your system, but the name of the driver will be of the form ttyTSx for the TS-72XX series, or from tttsx where x is an integer denoting the order in which the driver was loaded. You can run dmesg after loading the driver to see where it is created.

3 Getting Started

Communication with the Aerocomm device defaults to transparent serial mode. If you have two units operational with a terminal emulation program running on both unit you should be able to verify operation by pointing both programs to use the appropriate ttyTS entry, and then typing on either side. The datasheet will specify the baud rate range, but make sure you enable hardware flow control. Please consult the Aerocomm data sheet for more information on Aerocomm specific features which can be invoked using AT commands.

4 IO Address Selection

JP1 JP2 Address
ON OFF 110
OFF ON 200
ON ON 210

5 IRQ Selection

JP3 JP4 IRQ Number
OFF OFF IRQs disabled
ON ON IRQ7 With sharing

With both JP3 and JP4 on, IRQ sharing is enabled for IRQ 7. This means instead of the IRQ7 signal being actively driven 0 or 1 depending on IRQ state, it goes high-Z when the IRQ is not asserted. For this to work, there should be pull-downs on the IRQ to keep the IRQ de-asserted while in high-Z.

6 PLD Register Map

Address Bit Description Access Notes
Base + 0 7:0 Board Identifier Read Only Returns identifier 0x8e
Base + 1 7 JP4 Read Only
6 JP3
5-0 PLD Revision
Base + 2 7:0 TSUART Stat Register Read/Write Used by tsuart driver
Base + 3 7:0 UART RXDAT/TXDAT register Used by tsuart driver
Base + 4 7-4 Reserved N/A
3 CF Presence Read Only
2 Aerocomm CMD# Read/Write
1 Aerocomm Test
0 XBee DTR
Base + 5 7:0 Reserved N/A
Base + 6 7:0 CF aux reg #0 Read/Write
Base + 7 7:0 CF aux reg #0
Base + 0x8-0xf 7:0 CF IDE regs #0 - #7

6.1 TSUART Stat Register

Bit Access Description
0 Read Only TBRE - Transmit buffer empty
1 DR - Receive data ready
2 OERR - Overflow Error
3 Read/Write CTS - UART Clear-to-send
4 RTS - UART request-to-send
7:5 Mode, Baud rate
Mode, Baud Rate values
Value Description
0 115200 8N1
1 57600 8N1
2 38400 8N1
3 19200 8N1
4 9600 8N1
5 4800 8N1
6 2400 8N1
7 UART OFF, IRQ disabled