Ts7970 silex wifi

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Due to an EOL the WIFI module this part is being replaced wit the Silex SX-SDMAC2832S+ starting with PCB revision F. For users who do not use WIFI and write their own image, no action is required to support REV F boards. The board will now attempt to load a new device tree, but it will fall back to the old location so existing images will boot.

To support this new wifi chipset a new u-boot and kernel updates are required. For most WIFI users this will require only an updated kernel to support the new WIFI, and the newer board revisions will ship with the required u-boot to make use of this.

For users with unmodified kernels these can be updated to include the new WIFI support with a tar:

This can be installed directly to the board:

wget https://files.embeddedTS.com/ts-socket-macrocontrollers/ts-4900-linux/kernel/linux-4.9.11-20200701.tar.bz2
tar -xf linux-4.9.11-20200701.tar.bz2 -C /

This can also be used to install over an existing image:

mkdir /tmp/image/
sudo tar --numeric-owner -xf old-image.tar.bz2 -C /tmp/image/
sudo tar -xf linux-4.9.11-20200701.tar.bz2 -C /tmp/image/
sudo tar --numeric-owner -cjf new-image.tar.bz2 -C /tmp/image .

For users with custom kernels these should be updated to our latest commits:

  • 4.9 cdcfd0831e1c67d982a98741ae92bef9ac766aaf
  • 4.1 e7279c10cc16fc8cbed47c318613879a37b82a02

Existing images will also need to be updated to support the firmware required by these new chipsets. If either of the above stock kernels are installed these packages also include the required firmware.

For users versions this requires a u-boot change to support loading the new PCB revision device trees.

U-boot will now search for the device tree looking for imx6<cpu>-ts7970-revf.dtb if the board is a rev f. For example, on a quad core TS-7970 REV F, it will attempt to load these files in this order:

  • imx6q-ts7970-revf.dtb
  • imx6q-ts7970.dtb

Boards before REV F will not attempt to load the revf dtb files.

When using the older images which did not have the pcb rev in the device tree, this will fall back to the older file but the startup output will show this output while it checks for the updated device tree.

Booting from the eMMC ...
** File not found /boot/boot.ub **
** File not found /boot/imx6q-ts7970-revf.dtb **
42451 bytes read in 126 ms (328.1 KiB/s)